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I am passionate about helping ambitious professionals stay present and connected to their families in a busy and demanding world.

You had a vision for what your life would look like when you became a parent: you would be nurturing and engaged in your child’s life. You might not know exactly what to do in every situation, but as an accomplished professional with skills such as resourcefulness and tenacity, you trusted your ability to find the right answer. You and your partner would approach parenting as a united team. Becoming parents would bring you closer together, strengthening your marriage as you watched your kids grow and change over the years. You’d share the responsibilities at home while you both continued to pursue your careers. Sure, there would be challenges, but you trusted you’d figure things out.

Somehow, your reality doesn’t quite match your expectations, does it?

You’re drowning in a sea of responsibilities and expectations. The demands on your time are mindboggling, and you’re often distracted, exhausted, and frustrated. You’re inundated with information about the “right” way to do everything, including parent your kids, stay productive at work, and maintain a happy marriage… and you’re all too aware that you’re falling short in every area. You and your partner struggle to find five minutes for a conversation about household logistics… a romantic date night seems like an unrealistic pipe dream. You feel overwhelmed with way too many things to do and not nearly enough time to do them. You wonder how long you can sustain this crazy pace, yet you can’t figure out how to get out of reaction mode and become more intentional in your daily life.

I believe the more resources busy parents have to create happier and healthier marriages and parent-child relationships, without sacrificing everything that’s important to them, the healthier our society in general will be. It’s not necessary to give up what matters most to you – like your career, your health, or your sanity – when you become a working parent. You just need someone to help you figure out how to integrate all of the pieces of your life in a way that works best for you.


Sarah’s diverse experience in psychotherapy, personal development coaching, corporate training, and litigation project management is the foundation of her unique practice that helps busy working parents bring the best of themselves to every role they play in their lives… without sacrificing one thing over another. Sarah specializes in work/life balance, marriage and parent education for busy parents who are struggling under the weight of work, family, household responsibilities, and many other demands. Sarah’s work is highly customized and personal because she deeply respects each person’s unique values, goals, strengths, needs, and life circumstances. She understands that one’s inherent level of fulfillment starts with solid relationships, so her primary focus is on strengthening those bonds at home.



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