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LIVING DELIBERATELY | Clearing all unnecessary distractions so you can create a more manageable and meaningful life without the stress. Becoming more mindful about the actions you take, the commitments you make, and how to operate in a way that aligns with your deepest core values.  

TIME MANAGEMENT & LIFE BALANCE | Simplifying your schedule so you can let go of the resentment, frustration, and excessive expectations and focus on what’s truly important to you.  

MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIPS | Building healthy relationships dynamics with your partner, in-laws, siblings, parents, and friends.  Setting boundaries, resolving conflict, and focusing on relationships that “fill you up.”  

PARENTING & CHILD DEVELOPMENT | Making the most of the time you get to spend with your children.  Understanding different developmental phases.  Strengthening your bond with your kids and setting them up for a well-adjusted life.  

SELF CARE & SELF DEVELOPMENT | Addressing and overcoming the challenges that are holding you back.  Understanding yourself on a deeper level.  Applying what you’ve learned to make real changes in your life.  

LIFE TRANSITIONS | Managing big life changes (like adding a new member to your family or shifting careers) with as much grace and peace as possible. Finding the support and resources you need to see you through healthy growth.  Utilizing frustration to propel you toward a better life.