Integrate the most important areas of your life in a way that works

The Optimize Your Life Series is a structured but customizable framework to help professional moms and dads with three specific areas of their lives: personal development, marriage, and parenting. We can dive deep into all of these areas, but we also focus on how they all integrate together to make for a full and balanced life as a working parent. We can focus on any combination of these core areas of your life depending on what you’re struggling with the most.

We can adapt these topics to work in private consulting sessions, corporate wellness workshops, or live events.


  • Identify your core personal values to stay engaged in what’s most important to you while releasing what doesn’t serve you.
  • Prioritize and manage your schedule with intention to reduce stress and chaos.  Avoid that “I don’t have enough time” feeling.
  • Manage your energy to feel more present, engaged, and focused.
  • Manage transitions with grace.
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with the most important people in your life.
  • Stop sacrificing your “me time” for everyone around you. Re-discover what makes you happy and integrate committed time in your weekly schedule to pursue those interests (without the guilt!).

  • Learn how to manage (inevitable) conflict in a way that strengthens your marriage rather than causes friction and distance.
  • Improve communication skills to encourage growth as a couple.
  • Dedicate time for romance, fun, and connection again. Re-discover your partner in new ways.
  • Manage your shifting roles in the marriage, updating your respective identities now that you’re parents.
  • Identify the un-resolvable issues that threaten your relationship, and come to a mutual agreeement about how to address those issues in the most positive way possible.

  • Interact effectively with your kids based on their developmental stage, temperament, and unique needs.
  • Solidify your parent-child bond using a positive parenting approach.
  • Address behavior issues with conscious positive discipline strategies.
  • Manage feelings of guilt and anxiety by accepting your imperfections as a parent, while still striving to provide a positive model for your child.
  • Manage tricky parenting situations with confidence and care.
  • Show up with intention to minimize distraction and “reaction mode.”
  • Become a parenting team with your partner.

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