Interactive well-being workshops that integrate practical life, stress, and relationships management skills with a comprehensive view of the employee’s life




  • Employee Absenteeism or Tardiness. You have employees who frequently call in sick or show up late for work.
  • High Turnover. Your talented employees have left for other positions in other companies.
  • Disengagement. You have workers who seem distracted, disengaged, or unhappy.
  • Poor Performance. Employees who were previously high-performers have been making small mistakes or missing important deadlines.
  • Negative Attitude. You have workers who seem impatient, frustrated, or irritable and you aren’t sure why.
  • Lack of Teamwork. Your employees don’t appear to work well together.
  • Invested in your Employees. Even if all of the above isn’t happening, you’re committed to supporting your employees as whole human beings.





Many companies have discovered that investing in their employee’s mental, emotional and physical well-being is one of the best ways to increase productivity, motivation, and ultimately the company’s bottom line.  

Unfortunately, studies show that many wellness programs are missing a few important components that will lead to enduring fulfillment for the employee, and loyal and engaged employees for the company.

  • Education alone does not motivate employees to change.
  • Short-term campaigns can do more harm than good because they promote quick fixes over long-term improvement.
  • Relying on a variety of third party vendors creates a disjointed approach that misses the root of systemic problems.


70% of workers are looking to change employers (mental health America)


It can cost 33% of an employee’s salary to replace an employee (HR Drive)


75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable (HR Dive)

Sarah has been incredibly professional, creative, and excellent at delivering an end product that was exactly what I needed. She has my complete confidence.
– Alec C.




The Optimize Your Life Series is a unique emotional well-being program that offers your employees a framework to strengthen their personal effectiveness so they can show up to work calm, focused, and ready to engage.  This program is designed to emphasize implementation of practical skills and integration of the most important areas of an employee’s life. This is an original framework, but is designed to complement your existing wellness programs also.

Together we can customize a workshop that focuses on any combination of these topics:


  • Creating Effective Systems and Routines Based on Your Strengths
  • Increasing Focus and Mindfulness in a Busy World
  • Preventing and Overcoming Burnout at Work and at Home
  • Integrating the Most Important Areas of Your Life Effectively
  • Identifying Your Core Personal Values and Priorities
  • Energy Management and Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Coping with Difficult Emotions such as Guilt, Anxiety, and Overwhelm
  • Navigating Big Life Transitions and Challenging Situations
  • Integrating Mental, Physical and Emotional Well-Being into Your Daily Routine
  • Self-Acceptance and Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself
  • Successfully Integrating New Habits into Your Life Over Time
  • Overcoming Perfectionism and Performance Anxiety


  • Basic Effective Communication Techniques to Use in Your Marriage
  • How to Approach Conflict in Your Relationship
  • Identifying Toxic Behaviors in Others & Responding Appropriately
  • Setting Effective Boundaries without Jeopardizing Your Relationship
  • Making Your Marriage a Priority When Life is Too Busy
  • Integrating Romance, Fun and Adventure into Your Relationship Again
  • Navigating Tricky In-Law & Extended Family Issues
  • Common Relationship Milestones after Becoming Parents
  • Staying Connected Through Major Life Transitions
  • Co-Parenting with a Former Partner


  • Common Milestones for Working Parents
  • What Your Child Needs from You Through Different Developmental Stages
  • Connecting with Your Children During a Busy Workweek
  • Positive Parenting Techniques to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Kids
  • Limiting Distractions to Stay Engaged at Home
  • Understanding Difficult Child Behaviors & How to Manage Them
  • Preparing for Parental Leave and Implementing a Smooth Return to Work
  • Understanding Your Shifting Identity as a New Parent
  • Proactive Discipline Strategies to Minimize Meltdowns (yours and theirs)
  • Helping Your Kids Build a Positive Sibling Relationship




All of the topics listed above can be adapted in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

Interactive “Lunch and Learn” Workshops

Comprehensive In-Person Trainings

Speaking Engagements

Corporate Retreats

Virtual Webinars

Private Consulting Sessions




INTIMATE ACCESS | There are a lot of corporate consultants out there, but continuity of care can be a challenge. I specialize in working with small businesses so I can get to know your employees and provide customized support for those I serve.

INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS | Professionals today juggle a lot of different responsibilities, and the lines between their various roles are getting blurred. A disjointed approach to personal development isn’t effective in helping people find the connection, balance, and success they crave. My approach is comprehensive and considers all aspects of my clients’ lives.

FOCUS ON TRANSFORMATION | We have all of the knowledge we need a keystroke away today. What we’re missing is a proven method to implement change into our already busy lives. I help people integrate new information and skills into their lives in a way that takes into account their unique learning styles, the different circumstances of their lives, and their ultimate goals and desires.

LIFE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES | My specialty is in taking complex, abstract psychological concepts and breaking them down into applicable life management skills. Education alone isn’t enough. I want to see your employees operate at a higher level on a daily basis while feeling more fulfilled and balanced.

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