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I consult with ambitious professionals to strengthen their relationships at home while continuing to thrive in their career. With a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Adult Development, certifications in professional coaching and mediation, and with special training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), we explore unique ways you can improve interactions and deepen the bond with the people you love, without having to sacrifice the other areas of your life that are also important to you.

My focus is always on psychoeducation, skill development, and practical strategies to reach your ultimate goals rather than therapeutic interventions. We use the principles and exercises in the Burnout Rescue Plan™ (to find immediate relief) or the Optimize Your Life Series (to enhance your life overall) as a foundation for our work together, but everything is completely customized based on your specific needs and goals.




I have no energy, so I find myself going through the motions more than I’d like to. I don’t feel like my time is my own. I’m behind, burned out, and tired of feeling overwhelmed. I know there’s more to life, but I just can’t get a handle on everything I have to do. I’m in “reaction mode” – constantly battling fatigue, anxiety, and stress. I’ve changed so much since I became a parent, and I feel like I’ve lost who I used to be. I just wish I could find some peace, clarity, and joy in the everyday moments.


I love my spouse but we’re more disconnected and exhausted than ever. Our marriage is often put on the back burner so we can deal with more “urgent” issues like our jobs, running the household, or meeting our kids’ needs. I miss my partner, and I’m afraid the longer we go, the more we’ll continue to drift apart. I miss romance and having fun with my best friend. I want our relationship to feel light and easy again. I don’t want to end up as a statistic, but I just don’t know how we can get our marriage back.


I know being a full-time stay-at-home parent isn’t for me, but I wish the time with my kids was more engaged and meaningful. I’m distracted and impatient when I’m with them, but I also feel guilty when I’m not with them. There’s so much advice out there about how to be a “good parent,” but I can’t help but feel I’ll never meet those expectations. My kids are changing so fast and I feel like I’m missing key moments of their childhood. I just want them to know they’re loved and that I’m here for them.

We start with the principles covered in the Burnout Rescue Plan™ and the Optimize Your Life Series and customize solutions based on your situation, goals, and needs.


INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS | You’re juggling a lot of different responsibilities, and the lines between your various roles are getting blurred. A disjointed approach to personal development isn’t effective in helping you find the connection, balance, and fulfillment you crave. My approach is comprehensive and considers all aspects of your life.

FOCUS ON TRANSFORMATION | You have all of the knowledge you need a keystroke away. What you’re missing is a proven method to implement change into your already busy life. I help you integrate new information and skills into your life in a way that takes into account your unique learning style, the different circumstances of your life, and your ultimate goals and desires.

STRATEGIC SUPPORT | When you’re integrating new behaviors, habits, and routines into your life, it’s natural to battle both internal and external barriers to change. The support I provide doesn’t stop at the end of a training or a single session. Change occurs over time, so that’s how long you’ll have access to me as you encounter obstacles to success.

IMMEDIATE RELIEF | There are no quick fixes when it comes to personal development. It’s a long-term process. But when you aren’t functioning well, there’s a critical need to find relief fast. My initial concern is to help you find immediate relief by focusing your time and energy in strategic ways.

LONG-TERM GROWTH | Once temporary relief is found, then we shift your focus to create a long-term plan for overall growth and fulfillment. All of the work we do together prioritizes manageable action steps toward your ultimate goals.


Consulting is conducted virtually in 60-minute sessions at a rate of $165/session to provide flexibility, privacy, and convenience. 

Grab your friends to craft a custom 2-hour pop-up group for $100/person.

Limited evening and weekend appointments available.

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