Escape survival mode and become more effective in all areas of your life

Your life is a unique combination of complex circumstances, desires, and goals. You aren’t going to find an article, book, or single piece of advice that’s going to solve your problems overnight.

My short-term results-driven program for overwhelmed professionals and entrepreneurs, the Burnout Rescue Plan,™ provides you with a roadmap to quickly identify where to focus your time and energy right now to get instant relief from burnout and set the foundation for long-term growth.

When we work together, we look at your life as a whole. We take into account everything you have on your plate right now, and craft a practical roadmap to help you address what’s causing the most stress and overwhelm in your life and learn new skills to be more effective in every area of your life.







  • You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in your career. You’ve spent years, maybe even decades, mastering your craft and a huge part of your identity and life purpose is reflected in the work you do. Work isn’t a punishment – it’s something you truly enjoy and receive fulfillment from (at least most of the time… we all have our days!).

  • Your job is demanding. You require intense focus, creativity, innovation and attention to do your job well. At times your career requires excessive hours and commitment, leaving other parts of your life to suffer.

  • You’re working in the “new world” where technology is a blessing and a curse. The days of the standard “9-5” workday are over. You have some flexibility with your work, but you have a hard time disconnecting from work or your devices when you’re “off” because you feel the need to be available whenever something comes up.

  • You have trouble being present in the moment. You feel pressure to do it all, and to do it all well, but it’s overwhelming you. Your plate is overflowing with both opportunities and obligations, and you’ve lost the ability to filter through it all. You just put your head down and work harder and faster hoping to finish it all, but you never catch up.

  • You have a family you love who often doesn’t get enough of your time and energy. You want to be there for your kids more, and you miss that close connection you used to have with your spouse, but you’re having a hard time figuring out how to fit everything in. The people who are most important to you get passed over for less meaningful activities.
  • You have difficulty prioritizing your mental and physical health. You often feel run down, exhausted, cranky or impatient. You know you should do more to care for yourself (and it would feel so good!), but there’s just not enough time.


53% of working parents find it difficult to balance their responsibilities at home and at work (Pew Research Center)


Most parents, including at least eight-in-ten mothers (86%) and fathers (81%), say they feel rushed at least sometimes (Pew Research Center)


59% of working parents don’t have enough time away from their children for friends or to pursue other interests (Pew Research Center)

From great little tips to deep insights, Sarah has set me on a great path. I wish I could keep her in my pocket forever.   – Beth D.




The Burnout Rescue Plan™ is a four-step framework designed specifically for busy professionals. In this practical and action-oriented process, you’ll identify the true sources of your stress, develop essential skills to find relief fast (usually within two weeks), and set a foundation for long-term change over time.

1 | AUDIT | Together we’ll do a thorough assessment of your immediate challenges and goals to set the parameters for our work together.

2 | ANALYSIS | We’ll analyze your assessment responses together to uncover what’s holding you back from the life you want.

3 | STRATEGY | After our session, we’ll develop your Burnout Rescue Plan™ that outlines custom strategic solutions to help you get where you want to go.

4 | IMPLEMENT | You’ll receive personal support from me in real-time as you implement the strategies in your plan.





FOCUS ON TRANSFORMATION | You have all of the knowledge you need a keystroke away. What you’re missing is a proven method to implement change into your already busy life. I help you integrate new information and skills into your busy life in a way that works for you

STRATEGIC SUPPORT | When you’re integrating new behaviors, habits, and routines into your life, it’s natural to battle both internal and external barriers to change. The support I provide doesn’t stop at the end of the our call. Change occurs over time, so that’s how long you’ll have access to me as you encounter obstacles to success.

IMMEDIATE RELIEF | There are no quick fixes when it comes to personal development. It’s a long-term process. But when you aren’t functioning well, there’s a critical need to find relief fast. My initial concern is to help you find immediate relief by focusing your time and energy in strategic ways.

LONG-TERM GROWTH | Once temporary relief is found, then we shift your focus to create a long-term plan for overall growth and fulfillment. All of the work we do together prioritizes manageable action steps toward your ultimate goals.





The Burnout Rescue Plan™ requires a one-time fee of $275, which includes:

  • An in-depth assessment to identify the areas that are causing you the most stress and anxiety right now.
  • A 60-minute virtual strategy call to clarify what’s really happening under the surface (you’ve probably been trying to solve the wrong problem).
  • A comprehensive, personalized report outlining the most effective ways to overcome your burnout immediately, plus long-term considerations.
  • One week of on-demand follow-up support to answer questions, refine your action steps, and evaluate your progress as you implement your plan.

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